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Your Special Day

Most people spend a lot of time and money preparing for what will probably be the most significant event in their entire life – getting married.

You may have a strong sense that the ceremony itself will be important.  Yet if you are not linked to a particular faith or belief system it can be difficult to find a celebrant to plan and conduct a meaningful ceremony to mark this significant day.

If you feel that the content, style and tone of the ceremony itself is important - and if you would like something different and authentic to the two of you - as an Independent Celebrant, I would be the perfect choice for you.

I can create a ceremony for you that is personal and true to you and that reflects the style of the two of you.  It can be secular or humanist or spiritual, and can include some or no religious content.  The choice is yours!




a meaningful ritual

A Marriage, Handfasting or Vow Renewal Ceremony held by an independent celebrant enables you to create something unique and intimate for your special day. 

Your wedding ceremony will be created individually for you.  You can include whatever you like in the ceremony – a meaningful ritual to symbolise your union, for example, a Handfasting, or a Unity Candle Ceremony, or a Quaich or Loving Cup Ceremony.  You might want something brief and simple.  Or you might want to be able to include the contributions of your family and friends to your day. 

Please contact me to discuss your thoughts and wishes.

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"The wedding was fantastic thank you, your service was just right for us and had many comments from people saying how special and unusual it was and how refreshing it was to include nature into the blessings."



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Your Celebrant

I will create a scripted ceremony tailored to your requirements, incorporating your values and beliefs where appropriate, and using language that feels comfortable and authentic to you.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas in advance of booking and please note there will be no obligation to commit to booking at this point.  I would recommend a preliminary meeting or telephone or skype call when we can discuss any thoughts and questions regarding the ceremony. And it gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and ensure there is a rapport between us that will enable us to work creatively together.

After booking, the process of creating your ceremony will be supported by at least one meeting between the three of us face-to-face if at all possible.  We can find a meeting place to suit us all, or you may prefer to travel to Carlisle to meet me here.  If you require further telephone, skype, or email sessions that will be fine.  I would be happy to be present for a rehearsal if you would like to have one beforehand, or we could run through the ceremony at a skype call during the week before the wedding to ensure that it will run smoothly on the day.

Finally, I will be there to conduct your ceremony!  On the day itself I usually arrive about one hour before the ceremony to check that everything is in order, and to give any support that is needed. If you have any questions about what I do as a wedding celebrant in Cumbria please contact me for a friendly chat.

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Onespirit interfaith minister 

my training

The OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, with whom I trained, and the Interfaith Ministers Association, of which I am a registered member, is not a religion or faith or belief community, but an association of people who share an understanding that the god or gods of our different revelations and traditions, including humanism today, is One in spirit.

Different cultures and communities have evolved different concepts and understandings of the nature of the divine, yet the core teachings of all peoples are the same - to uphold the practice of love and compassion as being at the centre of authentic human activity.



Interfaith Ministers do not focus on beliefs, but the importance of that centre of love at the heart of human affairs and in our relationship with what endures and gives meaning and direction to life itself.

I am listed on the Interfaith Foundation’s Register of OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers (ROSIM), and as such I subscribe to the Foundation’s Code of Ethics. I am committed to anti-discriminatory practice and welcome clients from all cultures, religions, backgrounds and sexualities.  I am insured to offer spiritual counselling, ceremonies, and to lead prayer and meditation groups.

I continue to develop my personal and professional skills and knowledge through study and by attending workshops and training events. I also attend regular supervision sessions with a supervisor accredited by the Foundation.

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"Just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know how wonderful the ceremony was. Everyone raved about it!.....We're now enjoying married life in Malaysia on our honeymoon."


Recommended Vendors


 I have worked at a number of venues and with a number of photographers over the years and I can provide a number of recommendations.












For more information about the services I offer as a wedding celebrant in Cumbria, the Lake District and South West Scotland, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




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