Image of Sarah and Robert’s Valentine’s Day Wedding

What a wonderful day for a wedding!  Valentine’s Day 2016 was a date chosen by many romantic couples to celebrate their marriage at Gretna Green and indeed at many other locations in the area.  When I arrived for this my first wedding of the 2016 season, the Blacksmith’s Shop complex was buzzing with people, including a coachload of Japanese tourists enthralled by the piper.  There was a cameraman from the local news taking shots of all the couples coming and going. Altogether 16 weddings were held at this venue alone!

I was there to marry Sarah and Robert, seen here with one of their sons.  As they entered the old forge, traditional wedding spot for runaway couples from England, the piper played Amazing Grace.  They had also chosen a traditional Celtic blessing and a special blessing for their rings which were made of different colours of gold and encased with horsehair.  The horse had been a very special, loyal and longtime friend to Sarah and it was lovely to be able to commemorate her feelings for this beloved creature on this important occasion. They also celebrated by listening to a very touching and thoughtful reading by Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer/songwriter.

Robert and Sarah, may your years be long and happy together!