Spirituality refers to our spiritual nature and its influence and its effects on our physical being. My personal understanding is that we are all indeed made in the image of the divine and reflect aspects of divinity in some way that defies explanation in material terms.  Our language, especially the English language in our culture and time, describes quantity and matter.  However, our spiritual nature is that part of us that energises and inspires us in a way that cannot be understood by science and reason.

If we are willing to speculate on the existence of a soul which is eternal and that there is a divine source from which we came and to which we will return, it is our spiritual nature that recognizes that it is indeed our soul that links us to that divine source, as it links us to other people, to other living beings – and even to non-living beings.

We can develop our spirituality and our connection with the divine through mindful practices, meditation, prayer, sacred song, dance and other creative activities.