Same-Sex Marriages

I am pleased to be able to be able to offer same-sex couples a spiritual wedding ceremony on exactly the same basis as heterosexual couples.

Love knows no boundaries.  At heart, we all know the truth of this.  Love, and the conscious human relationship that mirrors our relationship with the divine, is at the heart of the teachings of all the world’s major religions.  Yet somehow, sadly, ‘religious’ conditions and proscriptions seem to have taken hold in those institutions meant to nourish our spirituality, and it is a source of sadness for many lesbian and gay couples that the religious groups with which they have a history and an affinity do not offer the same opportunity to celebrate and formalise this important rite of passage to same-sex couples that they do to heterosexual ones.

The Interfaith Ministers Association, of which I am a registered member, does not incorporate beliefs and doctrine, but a strongly inclusive Code of Ethics.  We are committed to anti-discriminatory practice and welcome clients from all cultures, religions, backgrounds and sexualities.  But it is about more than a Code of Ethics, it is about my heartfelt desire to practice love, and to practice unconditional love, non-judgement, impartiality, equality.  This is the spirit in which I offer you, whether you are straight, lesbian or gay, a spiritual ceremony for your marriage to match the desire of your heart.