Marriage in Scotland

As an Interfaith Minister I am categorised by the Registrar General of Scotland as a Non-Conformist Minister who can legally conduct your wedding in Scotland.

My responsibility is to ensure that legal requirements are met within the ceremony regarding the vows and commitment you make to each other.  After the vows are made, I will pronounce you married, and then ensure that the marriage papers are signed correctly  by yourselves and your witnesses.

However, you will be responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are met regarding the registration process for your marriage.  This involves each of you filling in a form M10 and submitting it with the necessary documentation to the Register Office closest to the venue where the wedding will take place.  From this information, once processed, your Marriage Schedule will be made up.  This is the Schedule to be signed on the day and it should be picked up in person by one of you from the local Register Office  within 7 days of the ceremony and returned to that Office (by you or someone you can rely on) within 3 days afterwards.

Once you have made your application you will be guided by the Registrar. However, you cannot start this process until within 3 months of your marriage date, and it must be done by at least 29 clear days beforehand.  I believe this information to be correct as of March 2018, but please remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the legal requirements are met, and you will find it helpful to make yourself aware of what will be required as soon as possible.  For further information here is a link to the National Records of Scotland Office.

One difference between the laws regarding marriage in Scotland (compared with the law in England) is that it is the person who is authorised to conduct the marriage, and not the premises.  This means that you do not necessarily have to hold your wedding in Scotland in a place that has been particularly designated as a wedding venue (known as ‘approved premises’ in England) if you choose me (or another authorised minister of religion) to conduct the ceremony. It gives you have more freedom of choice as to the location of your wedding, and I would be delighted to conduct your ceremony out of doors or in your home or wherever you might choose (with the permission of the owner of the land/property, of course).