Most people spend a lot of time and money preparing for what will probably be the most significant event in their entire life – getting married.

You may have a strong sense that the ceremony itself will be important.  Yet if you are not linked to a particular faith or belief system it can be difficult to find a celebrant to plan and conduct a meaningful ceremony to mark this significant day.

If you feel that the content, style and tone of the ceremony itself is important, and if you would like something different and personal to the two of you, an interfaith ceremony will be perfect.

I can create a ceremony for you that is spiritual without being specifically religious; or alternatively, something that is humanist in tone, with little or no religious content.

OneSpirit Interfaith weddings and marriage ceremonies are for couples who do have an understanding that there is more to here and now than scientific humanism would have us believe, but are unsure about what that might be, or don’t really have the words to describe it; or it is for couples where each of you has a different set of religious beliefs and you are looking to have the two synthesised in one ceremony that is meaningful to you both;  or it is for couples where one of you understands the world and nature of this life according to a particular faith or set of beliefs (this might be humanism) and the other has no clear religious or spiritual understanding.

I offer you a bespoke wedding ceremony with its format and style completely personalised and created individually for you.  You can include whatever you like in the ceremony – maybe a meaningful ritual to symbolise your union, for example, a Quaich Ceremony, a Unity Candle Ceremony or a Handfasting, and/or you might include a tribute, or an ‘address’ to the two of you.  Or it can be something brief and clear and simple.

I also offer a short ceremony in a choice of styles, or with an option for a handfasting that is available at Gretna Green only. You will find more information about weddings at Gretna Green here.

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