The marriage ceremony that I create and hold for you in England will not be your legal marriage service.

To make your marriage legal you will need to attend your local register office as a separate matter, and there you will exchange some formal words of commitment with your partner and sign the marriage register along with two witnesses.  You will be required to give notice at the register office at least 28 days before your marriage and take certain documents with you to show evidence of your name, age and nationality, and give proof of your current address.  If you have been divorced or widowed you will also need to take the relevant documents demonstrating your status and eligibility for marriage.

The ceremony that I hold for you will be a ceremony of commitment and/or blessing and can take whatever form you wish, formal or informal, in whatever venue – a hotel, in your or someone else’s home or garden, or out of doors in some other natural setting – wherever you like and with as many or as few witnesses and guests as you like!