Interfaith Ministry

Rev Diana ErringtonI am one of a network of Interfaith Ministers in the UK and Ireland with links to a sister organisation in the United States.  The OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, with whom I trained, and the Interfaith Ministers Association, of which I am a registered member, is not a religion or faith as such but a community of people who share an understanding that the god or gods of our different revelations and traditions is One in spirit.

Different cultures and communities have evolved different concepts and understandings of the nature of the Divine, yet the core teachings of all faiths are the same.  All uphold the practice of love and compassion as being at the centre of authentic human activity.

Thus Interfaith Ministers like me do not stress the importance of beliefs, but the importance of that Centre of Love at the heart of human affairs and in our relationship with what endures and gives meaning and direction to life itself.

As a member of the Interfaith Ministers Association I subscribe to the Association’s Code of Ethics. I am committed to anti-discriminatory practice and welcome clients from all cultures, religions, backgrounds and sexualities.  I am insured to offer spiritual counselling, ceremonies, and to lead prayer and meditation groups.

I continue to develop my personal and professional skills and knowledge through study and by attending workshops and training events. I also attend regular supervision sessions with a Supervisor accredited by the Association.