Wedding Fees

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

I am very proud of my creative skills and the life experience I have had of writing, speaking and performing and this is why I am able to offer a ceremony that is really unique and special for you. Each wedding is different, and will be created personally for each individual couple and conducted by me in person. Fees are calculated after a preliminary discussion with you (without obligation) and depend on your requirements, and any travelling involved.  As a guideline, my basic fee is £400 for weddings held at the weekends or on Bank Holidays.

Apart from travelling, and perhaps accommodation if your wedding involves a journey of more than 100 miles or so, further fees might, for example, be for hiring microphone equipment if your ceremony is out of doors; for creating and printing a certificate of Marriage Blessing (for weddings in England); or for holding a rehearsal.

I may be able to negotiate my fee or offer a discount in certain circumstances.

You will be asked for a deposit of £100 on booking which is non-refundable but deductible from the final invoice, which will be sent 3 weeks before your wedding day.

Fees for Meditation and Mindfulness

Please enquire.  Charges may be waived or may vary according to the number of participants and the number of sessions required.

Fees for Inspirational Talks

Please contact me with details of your requirements.

Fees for Counselling

As a guideline my fees for counselling are £40 per session. I would normally start with a shorter contracting session for which there is no charge.  In that first session, or preliminary telephone call we would discuss how we could work together and what we would expect to achieve from our session/s, and how many sessions might be required, as well as agreeing on a figure for the fees.