Counselling and the incorporation of counselling skills were an important part of my work throughout my years as a schoolteacher and was also an integral part of training as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister.  This is because empathy and understanding are a part of the process that you and I as celebrant and client/s go through to create a ceremony that truly reflects you.

You may feel that counselling would be helpful for you or you and your partner or a member of your family when some of the changes that are taking place in your life require your attention. Rites of passage such as coming of age, marriage, giving birth, or going through menopause are cause for celebration but at the same time these, or the experience of bereavement, can highlight difficulties or pain which you may like to talk through as part of the process.

Counselling training from the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary drew on techniques and understandings from different schools, rather than following one particular method (eg cognitive, person-centred, Gestalt etc).  Two years’ training was followed up for me with two years’ mentoring, which was specifically an offering of counselling to seven students, along with more general guidance, supporting and facilitating.  This skills are available for me to draw on in support of my celebrancy work if required.

During the process of self disclosure in the counselling situation a client may expect a confidential space of non-judgement and safety.  I aim to keep my heart and mind open at all times to everyone, and to celebrate difference but not separation.  Please be assured that whatever your race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, age, disability, state of health, economic status or anything else that distinguishes you, you will be welcome and accepted.

I am available for counselling by appointment.  Please find my contact details and arrangements on the Contact page above.

Occasionally I am asked about tarot readings and other creative exercises which may help to develop our own sense of inner knowing as part of the counselling process.  Find out more about this here.

Charges for Spiritual Counselling