Baby Blessings and Namings

The birth of a baby is a joyous event in the life of a family, as is an adoption.  A naming ceremony is an opportunity for family and friends to gather together to give thanks and welcome the child into the family, and into their hearts and lives. This ceremony can be offered to babies, or to children when they are a little older (you might, for example, wish to hold a ceremony to include both or all your children at the same time) and we would find something appropriate to the age of the child/children to welcome him or her.

A blessing or naming ceremony is different from a christening which is the specific welcoming of a baby or child into the Christian church. A baby naming ceremony does not preclude a christening for the child at some later stage.

Sponsors, or godparents, or spiritual guardians are a wonderful way of including friends and the wider family into your family life. It is lovely for a child to have a special aunt or uncle to talk to and take an interest in their lives as they are growing up. You can involve the sponsors / godparents by inviting them to family events, birthdays or your child’s school festivals. At the naming ceremony parents can invite their chosen sponsors to offer a poem, or other contribution of some kind, and they can be asked to make a formal commitment if desired.

This occasion can also be an opportunity for grandparents to be honoured and recognized and also an opportunity for parents to renew their own vows of love and commitment and express their appreciation for each other

Blessing and naming ceremonies can be held anywhere, and can be as large or as small as you like. Most people choose their own home, or find a room they can rent locally. The shelter of a yurt is a popular choice, or a small marquee or gazebo that can be put up in the garden to create a welcoming space. The most popular time to have a blessing and naming ceremony is at the weekend, either at midday followed by a special lunch, or in the afternoon, followed by tea.