About Diana

diana errington

After studying English at university I married a farmer, and became interested in organic farming and handmade cheeses. I loved the work, tuning into the rhythms of the seasons and the animals and the challenges of the weather.

In time I had three children, and as they grew up I became interested in education and trained to be a teacher, after studying and gaining a further degree in theology. I am still deeply committed to the real work of educating, in its broadest sense, which is really about bringing an individual to a realisation of his or her own particular skills and strengths, enabling him or her to flourish and shine uniquely, and I see this as part of the work of spiritual counselling.

I have found my true vocation as an InterFaith celebrant.   The celebrant may be a channel for spiritual energy but also has a creative role to play in scripting and choreographing a drama.  The ritual drama of a ceremony serves to confirm endings and beginnings, to bring resolution, and to announce renewed hope within the cycles of our lives – it simultaneously and wonderfully teaches, heals and affirms.

I am drawn to the ancient shamanic traditions.  I am interested in astrology, tarot and other forms of divination and traditional ways of knowing, especially that of classical cosmology and esoteric understandings of the spiritual realms.  I love music and I love this spiritual journey we travel together.